Frequently Asked Questions About Serenity

1. How do I start?

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You may either call me for a phone consultation, order processes from the site or do both. No matter what you choose I suggest the Angelic Re-birthing Process and the Level One Clearing and Shield Processes for everyone.

2. What Is Serenity Vibration Healing® ?

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Jill Marie, the founder and developer of the Serenity Vibration Healing® and Enlightenment Technique (SVH), offers the following description:

"The Serenity Vibration Healing® and Enlightenment Technique (SVH) is a powerful form of active prayer that was received as a direct channel from the Creator in 2000. The Creator can do anything and waits ready to act upon your instruction. This modality conveys your chosen course to the Creator in a focused directive manner."

Unlike other prayers, the multifaceted mechanisms of the Serenity Vibration Healing® and Enlightenment Technique apply your requests in an active form of prayer that directs the Creator to replace limiting formatting with new imprints and beliefs that support balance, harmony, sovereignty and personal empowerment. With SVH you are empowering the Creator to co-create with you.

3. What is the purpose of Serenity Vibration Healing® and Enlightenment Technique?

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The primary purpose of Serenity is to support and stimulate the universal evolution to higher consciousness of all sentient beings.  This work creates a space of autonomy and sovereignty for individuals to expand which allows them to discover and release that which is in opposition to their true nature free of internal suppression or manipulation.

The Serenity tools empower an individual to re-script countless limiting beliefs and ancient formatting at every level in a nanosecond to further raise their vibration and light quotient.

4.  What is Quantum Level Reprogramming?

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Quantum Level Reprogramming uses sacred keys to cluster millions upon millions of non-serving belief systems, programs, barriers and blocks held on any and all levels, lifetimes, bodies or chakras.  Through this process the Creator replaces the clustered programs with new beautiful programs and beliefs that will best serve the individual’s path to mastery.

This technique removes negative programming from a sealed off area that houses the archive of each occurrence, thought or word from every incarnation that is sealed from the current past life memory archive.  Although this archive is not used directly in your present incarnation it can be a source of slow energy consisting of less than light vibration and energetic cording of events and information through the data retrieval sorting mechanism of the brain. 

Replacing programs from this area and then properly resealing them will raise the vibration of an individual and shift them to a new level of awakening that is free of the brokenness anchored from the archive.

All reprogramming is orchestrated by the Creator in zero time to allow for an immediate shift to lightness with no integration period.

5How much do you recommend doing?

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This is really for your inner guidance to tell you. And that will be much clearer after you put in place the Angelic Re-birthing and Level One Clearings and Shields.

6.  May I order processes for someone else?

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The only time you may order a process for someone else is if you are the parent (natural or adoptive) or guardian of a child under the age of 12.  You may order any processes that you feel would be of benefit to them.  (You select the processes and look at the screen for them.)

A child of yours who is 12 or older is considered an adult.  They need to be aware of, understand and give their permission (including viewing the screen).

If you schedule a phone consultation for yourself I will put in place any of the processes you select for yourself for your child (children) under 12 also at no extra charge.

7.  What happens when I order processes from your site?

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After you have selected the process(es) you wish to experience it is very important you VIEW THE SCREEN before submitting your order.  When I receive your order I use the Serenity tools to facilitate what you selected.  These tools empower the Creator and your God Self to complete the process(es) you chose.

Serenity is set up so that it never causes imbalance.  Your God Self puts everything in perfect divine order, divine timing and divine alignment for YOU!  Depending on how sensitive you are to energy shifts you may or may not feel a shift after you submit your order.  If you are very sensitive you might feel somewhat tired so allow yourself some time to rest.  The healing itself is integrated instantly so there is no need to wait between sessions.

8.  Does this stuff really work?

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Yes!  Also be aware that each level of clearing is always defined by your ability to accept the divine truths and universal principles that will unveil as a result of the release.  The wonderful news is that the divine clearing mechanisms embedded in these processes (and the work we do during phone consultations) will continue after your session to unearth and release blocks to the restoration of your mastery.

“Joyce…Just wanted to let you know what has been going on in my life since our conversation and mini-session.  I sure did experience the most incredible peace & Serenity for the 48 hours afterward and beyond.  I have slept the full night every night but one since.  The inner dialogue has decreased by at least 60% and has made life so much more enjoyable…I have also extended the time between my pain pills from 16-18 hours to 22-24 hours.  Hope to eliminate them all together. I am looking forward to working with you more in the future and am grateful to the work you do and the beauty of our spirit…Thank you and many blessings. Florence”

9.  Is there anything I should do before ordering processes or scheduling a phone session?

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Before you submit your order for processes from my site please “view the screen”. I recommend ordering the Angelic Re-birthing and Level One Clearing and Shield Processes from my site before or as part of your first phone consultation. If you’re dealing with physical challenges also consider ordering the Level One Physical Support Processes.

Serenity is also about traveling with friends to facilitate global and galactic healing.

Carol, Joyce, Jill Marie, Wendy atop a pre-Inca pyramid in Lima, Peru


The author and founder of the Serenity Vibration Healing® and Enlightenment Technique has granted her expressed and written permission fo the listing and exhibition of all information, details and graphics pertaining to the Serenity Vibration Healing and Enlightenment Technique.  Moreover, the Serenity Vibration Healing administration office retains all copyrights and trademarks where applicable.

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