Serenity Vibration Healing® and Enlightenment Technique (SVH) reformats and re-scripts old, outdated programming that has been limiting you and blocking you from the Truth of who you are and from the gifts of the Creator.

SVH empowers the Creator to co-create with you and assists you to make dramatic changes in your life.

In the Video below you will hear me speak the Language of Light.  This is something I also do during sessions to assist you in remembering you are a Master.  I also guide you through activating the trigger process "My Ascended Master Cloak". 


"The Language of Light is a divine dialect that has been used as the primary verbal expression of the angelic realm throughout time...When the soul and the consciousness of a being hears the Language of Light it recognizes the transformational codes within the words and tones, allowing barriers to be broken through to initiate healing on many levels."  Channeled by Jill Marie

Once you activate the trigger process, Archangel Michael moves into the Fifth Realm to the sacred time when you have completed your perfection. Your master self will give its cloak to Michael, who will transfer it to you. When Michael places the master cloak on your shoulders, it will expand your light cord to encompass the width of the cloak. Your Master Ascension Cloak will release from this realm within two hours of triggering its placement and can be reinstated periodically throughout your day by saying or thinking the phrase,
"My Ascended Master Cloak."

The quickest way for you to understand how SVH "works" and what to do to enjoy the benefits of it is to read the Phone Consultation Page. If you still have questions give me a call at 812-333-9988 or email joyce@thejoyoflife.net. I'd love to hear from you.


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